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Reading lists (associated with talks): note (the few cases of) the existence of short reviews. These are under the relevant subpage.

Reading List 2010: Could Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

  1. Susan Blackmore, ‘Conversations on Consciousness’
  2. Daniel Dennett, ‘Consciousness Explained’
  3. David Chalmers, ‘The Conscious Mind’
  4. Paul Churchland, ‘Eliminative Materialism and the Propositional Attitudes’ (article)
  5. John Horgan, ‘The End of Science’
  6. Joseph Levine, ‘Conceivability, Identity, and the Explanatory Gap’ (article)
  7. David McFarland, ‘Guilty Robots, Happy Dogs: The Question of Alien Minds’
  8. Colin McGinn, ‘Can We Solve The Mind-Body Problem?’ (article)
  9. Thomas Nagel, What is it Like to Be a Bat?’ (article)

Reading List 2010-2011: The Extension of Mind

  1. Andy Clark and David Chalmers, ‘The Extended Mind’ (article)
  2. Max Velmans, ‘Understanding Consciousness’ (see blog posts)
  3. Alva Noe, ‘Out of our Heads’ (reviewed below; see blog post)
  4. Andy Clark, ‘Supersizing the Mind’
  5. Vilayanur Ramachandran, ‘The Emerging Mind’ (BBC Reith Lectures 2003) (reviewed on a sub-page)
  6. John Searle, ‘Minds, Brains and Science’, BBC Reith Lectures 1984 (audio & transcripts)
  7. Colin Blakemore, ‘The Mechanics of the Mind’, BBC Reith Lectures 1976 (audio & transcripts)

Reading List 2011: Free Will, Free Won’t

  1. Daniel Dennett, ‘Freedom Evolves’ (reviewed on a sub-page)
  2. Daniel Wegner, ‘The Illusion of Conscious Will’ (see blog posts)
  3. Rodney Brooks, ‘Elephants Don’t Play Chess’ (article)
  4. Rodney Brooks, ‘Intelligence Without Reason’ (article)
  5. Rodney Brooks, ‘Intelligence Without Representation’ (article)
  6. Rodney Brooks, ‘Planning is Just a Way of Avoiding Figuring Out What to Do Next’ (article)
  7. Rodney Brooks, ‘The Relationship Between Matter and Life’ (article)
  8. Iain McGilchrist, ‘The Master and His Emissary’

Reading List 2012-2013: Intelligence and the Brain

  1. Daniel Dennett, ‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea’
  2. Peter Miller, ‘Smart Swarm’
  3. William Bartley, ‘Philosophy of Biology versus Philosophy of Physics’ (article)
  4. Erwin Schrodinger, ‘What is Life?’
  5. Alan Turing, ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’ (article)
  6. Karl Friston, ‘The Free-Energy Principle: a Rough Guide to the Brain?’ (article)
  7. Karl Friston, ‘The Free-Energy Principle: a Unified Brain Theory?’ (article)
  8. Karl Friston, ‘Prediction, Perception and Agency’ (article)
  9. Konrad Lorenz, ‘Behind the Mirror’

Reading List 2013-2014: What I Know and Why I Know It

  1. Susan Haack, ‘Evidence and Inquiry’
  2. Isaiah Berlin, ‘The Hedgehog and the Fox’
  3. Michael Polanyi, ‘Science, Faith and Society’
  4. Michael Polanyi, ‘Personal Knowledge’
  5. Michael Polanyi, ‘The Tacit Dimension’
  6. Thomas Kuhn, ‘The Structure of Scientific Revolutions’
  7. Paul Feyerabend, ‘Against Method’
  8. Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, ‘Judgement under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases’ (article)
  9. Daniel Goldstein and Gerd Gigerenzer, ‘Models of ecological rationality: the recognition heuristic’ (article)
  10. Philip Tetlock, ‘Expert political judgment: How good is it? How can we know?’

Reading List 2014: The Science Delusion

  1. Rupert Sheldrake, ‘The Science Delusion’
  2. Richard Dawkins, ‘The God Delusion’
  3. Loucas G. Christophorou, ‘Place of Science in a World of Values and Facts’
  4. C. S. Lewis, ‘Miracles’
  5. C.S. Lewis, ‘Mere Christianity’
  6. Larry Laudan, ‘A Confutation of Convergent Realism’ (article)
  7. James Burke, ‘The Day the Universe Changed’
  8. Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman, ‘The Social Construction of Reality’
  9. Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, ‘The Grand Design’
  10. Richard Dawkins, ‘The Magic of Reality’

Reading List 2012-2014: From Neural ‘Is’ to Moral ‘Ought’ (forthcoming)

  1. Joshua Greene, ‘From Neural Is to Moral Ought’ (article)
  2. Patricia Churchland, ‘Braintrust: What Neuroscience tells us about Morality’
  3. William Casebeer, ‘Moral Cognition and its Neural Constituents’ (article)
  4. Daniel Kahneman, ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’
  5. Sam Harris, ‘The Moral Landscape’
  6. Mark Johnson, ‘Morality for Humans’

Reading List 2014-: Consciousness/Integrated Information (forthcoming)

  1. Giuglio Tononi, ‘Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul’ (see blog posting providing overview)
  2. Laura Sanders, ‘Enriched with Information’ (article)
  3. Anil Seth, ‘An Interoceptive Predictive Coding Model of Conscious Presence’ (article)
  4. Giuglio Tononi, ‘Consciousness as Integrated Information: A Provisional Manifesto’ (article)
  5. Giuglio Tononi, ‘Information Integration: Its Relevance to Brain Function and Consciousness’ (article)

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