Talk: Intelligence and the Brain

  • What is ‘intelligence’?
  • What is the brain actually doing?
  • How is intelligence physically realised in the brain?

Quite how the brain manages to achieve what it does remains elusive. It’s true that almost every day there are news stories that some link has been found between some behaviour and activity in some part of the brain or other. But it seems there is no ‘big idea’ of how the brain works akin to Darwinism evolution for example – where all that’s needed is a fairly straightforward concept and a few billion years.

This talk goes in search of such a ‘big idea’, looking, in particular, at one very promising theory: Karl Friston’s theory of ‘Variational Free Energy’.

This is the fourth in a series of talks for the general public that is looking at brain-related issues from a modern, physicalist stance.

See ‘Intelligence and the Brain’ for more information.

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